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What's The Difference Between The White Sox & Cubs?

Get your meatball bad jokes out of the way. Obviously we only know what we know. But this week on Red Line Radio we talked to Dylan Cease about coming up with the Cubs then getting traded to the Sox. One thing we've always talked about is how the Cubs have such a hard time getting farm system to the big leagues and (alternatively) just how good the White Sox are at it. Then at the same time, there's a reason the Cubs superstars are such bonafide professionals. There's a reason it's hard to make it on the Cubs major league roster. 

Dylan gets into his experiences with the Cubs: some limitations on his development post Tommy John surgery, pitch selection at the minor league level and how the Cubs helped lay the foundation for a career in pro-ball. Then we get heavy into how the White Sox are the perfect organization for a young power pitcher, the shit he's working on to become a #1 and a thorough confidence assessment on his stuff. He starts tomorrow night in the 4th game of Cubs vs. Sox this year so it's pretty fucking cool to have him on the podcast this week. 

Elsewhere, Eddie & Chief previewed Bears/Falcons with insider Adam Jahns. Awesome interview because there's such limited access to the locker room insight and Jahns certainly brings his chops this week as always. Before all that Bullshit we tap dance around the Billy Donavan hire even if we have to drag Eddie with us. Credit to him for being a pro this week and looking at the other side of the coin. Or equation. You get it. 

2020 is shaping up nicely for Chicago sports which is something we haven't collectively said in so long. White Sox fans are dialed-in. Bulls fans are back from the dead. Cubs fans are in prime Bitch About The Offense In September mode for the 3rd year running and the Bears are undefeated. The Hawks even have a draft coming up in a few weeks. A lot of good shit going on so take advantage of it emotionally. Get vulnerable. Be optimistic. Things are on the up & up.