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Uncle Stevie Is Coming, Saul Katz Is A Hero, And Mets Fans Are Starting To Trust Edwin Diaz As The Cursed Coronaseason Enters The Homestretch

There appears to be a smattering of people leaving Cuncelina after Wednesday's big win for the Amazins. While I would love to believe in a team with a sweet lineup and a whole THREE reliable starting pitchers, it's hard not to also believe that those other two rotation spots will kill us if the bullpen doesn't kill us first.

Speaking of which, now that Michael Conforto has shut up all the haters, #MetsTwitter now has chosen Edwin Diaz as their new divisive battleground player. Is Diaz's 1.89 ERA nice? Of course. But until he can consistently close out games in the 9th, I cannot trust him after what he did last season let alone what Mets closers have done to my soul the last three decades. And I want to believe in Edwin Diaz as a shut down closer. Not just because a lights out closer will make life so much easier as a Mets for that that it would make the Kelenic trade and Cano contract hurt a hell of a lot less. But because his entrance music is fucking INCREDIBLE.

Speaking of Cohen, break down the recent Uncle Stevie negotiations and J-Rod's demise before looking ahead at the gauntlet schedule that remains over the next few weeks. Speaking of which, make sure to follow the We Gotta Believe Twitter handle for live pregame and postgame quickies during this furious race to the finish. Those minipods will live on Twitter and be presented by Coors Light, the beer that's made to chill for a fanbase that will need to chill over the next couple of weeks.