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Drafting "Our Guys" For The 2020 CFB Season

We're so so back, baby. 

Right after we recorded the first CFB Show of the year (it was a banger, tbh), we sat down to draft "our guys" for 2020. If you remember last year, it was a Jalen Hurts circus. So we are running it back. We never really decided how to draft or if we were allowed to front run, but it eventually came together:

Also on this week's episode:
-Moana -Welcome the ACC & Big 12 back!
-Last week's opening slate of games
-The first CFB show
-What games we are most excited for this weekend
-Which top top team will disappoint in 2020?
-Which team will come out of nowhere in 2020?

Don't forget that we go to two episode NEXT week. See you MONDAY!


0:00: Intro 

6:00: Welcome back ACC & Big 12!!! 

20:00 News & notes 

23:21: A rant from Brandon Walker 

43:40: Previewing this weeks games! 

53:00: Drafting "our guys" for the upcoming season. 

1:16:30: Roughnecks responses on our question of the week!