The VA Is Taking Brains Out Of Cats

That's a headline, folks. 

An animal rights group and taxpayer watchdog wants the Los Angeles VA to stop buying cats and putting electrodes in their skulls and then taking out their brains. Apparently they were doing this for sleep experiments and I guess I'll just have to take their word for it. I don't know who the fuck thinks these things up, but I'm sure they're perfectly normal. 

An important detail is how many cats they got for that $5 million. Been a while since I've dabbled in the used cat market, but the entrance of the VA certainly drives prices up. One thing is for sure, Kate will NOT be giving up Spork for weird brain experiments.

We also talked about how the payroll tax deduction thing will impact the troops, and we may have discovered that Kate didn't file taxes at all during her five years in the Marine Corps, so that's pretty neat.

Round 1: Legends of the Fall was a war movie. 

Round 2: I’ve been gobbling up game-centric shows left and right. One of which was about the arcade known as Aladdin's Castle, we’re gonna play a little game that would change the course of deployments/field training. 

Round 3: The Commander in Chief lamented the fact that the Pentagon doesnt want to stop warring around the globe. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done about it. 


Round 5: For the next few months, most Military members will be getting a 16 percent raise! Hooray! Everybody say “thanks, department of treasury.”