Trouble For the Tiktok-ing Lieutenant

The internet is still abuzz with the fallout from the US Army Second Lieutenant making a holocaust joke on Tiktok.

I wrote about it already, so I won't go too much more into it. Bottom line is, once you put on the uniform, there are some things you just can't do anymore. Making jokes about a genocide that killed millions of people that was perpetrated by another nation's military is one of those things. Maybe there just isn't anything funny about millions of people being murdered and their bodies burned and turned to ash that would fall on nearby towns like a light snow. 

We also weighed in on the chicken wing debate, some Covid career enders, interviewed a Marine veteran who was so exhausted by being smart he joined the Marine Corps, and talked about some Medal of Honor updates.

ROUND 1: One of the backbones of American life are down-home town hall meetings where citizens can have a say, and in Lincoln, Nebraska one man has gone viral for taking a stand on an issue that affects us all, no bones about it. 

ROUND 2: A 2nd Lt. with millions of TikTok followers but only 4 brain cells decided to post a ‘holocaust joke’ this week and suprise, it didn’t go over very well! In fact, it got Cons so riled up he used a term other than “kick rocks”. 

ROUND 3: Article 15s, forfeiture of pay, and reduction in ranks, oh my! Leadership at Fort Benning is gonna come down hard if you’re not in Georgia any#quar. 

ROUND 4: Kate interviews Marine Corps veteran & author Dr. Wesley Gray about the upcoming March for the Fallen and advice for folks getting out of the military looking for their dream jobs. for more information on the upcoming march! 

ROUND 5: We’ve got 2 incredibly powerful Medal of Honor updates to close out the show. One freed 70 hostages set to be executed by Islamic State and the other returned repeatedly to a burning vehicle in fuel soaked clothing to save his fellow soldiers. You’ll want to run through a brick wall as we head into the long weekend.