What's The Better Movie: Avatar or Dances With Wolves?

We debated the better movie! They're so fucking similar (especially with people finding both to be bland), but which one has the edge?

Honestly? I go with 'Wolves', but 'Avatar' is the more entertaining movie.

What is your take? What movie is better? Let us know below...

We did a Draft of nothing with KB & Nick, and discussed 'The Batman' trailer on the podcast...

|| 0:00 – Reminder, The Rock lies about cheat days
|| 6:55 – Ad Read #1
|| 9:30 – DC Round-Up: The Batman, Suicide Squad, more
|| 41:55 – Ad Read #2
|| 43:08 – DC Round-Up: The Flash, Shazam, more
|| 53:52 – TENET reviews have hit the web
|| 55:32 – MOVIE DEBATE X: Avatar vs. Dances With Wolves
|| 1:38:20 – The Draft, vol. 001 featuring KB & Nick of ANUS

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