Military Swarming Explosive Detection Locasts (MSEDL)

If you would have given me the option to be a dog handler or a locust swarm handler, I'm picking the locusts until the cows come home, and they're probably my cows, because I'm a cowboy hat guy now.

In terms of sheer destructive power, locusts are nearly unrivaled. They'll descend upon a field and pick it fucking clean in no time flat, and have caused famines for centuries. 

But now they're being trained to sniff for explosives, and are actually pretty good at it. They identify about 80% of the time, which isn't great, but these are bugs people, and I'm sure their trainers...

What a wild fucking job, bug trainer. 

*At a bar, PCT (Pre-Covid Times)*

"So what do you do?"

"I'm a locust trainer."

"You fucking liar."

...I digress. I'm sure their trainers will get that number up to where a dog is at around 95%. No matter what, I'm all in on locust swarms finding bombs. Keep it up, locust trainers.

We also had on Daniel Rodriguez whose life is a bit Forrest Gumpian.

  • Bronze Star for valor and a Purple Heart from the Battle of Kamdesh (COP Keating)
  • Clemson walk-on
  • NFL Prospect
  • Author
  • Movie Star (Playing himself in The Outpost)
  • Musician.

Seriously listen to his interview. 

Round 1: We are gonna act like we are skinny dipping illegally in a panama city beach front motel’s pool with this round but a fella in Russia was poisoned and the story is…. Can I say it… Kate don't be mad…. It’s kinda hilarious? 

Round 2: Step aside, Moses. There’s a new locust in town and these little horned-up bugs aren't destroying the crops of the Egyptians. They’re finding bombs… For real. 

Round 3: There’s a new Call of Duty coming out and I am fucking furious. 

Round 4: Damn, Ma. CIA operative is charged with being a double agent for China. 

Round 5: Cons sat down with Daniel Rodriguez who survived the Battle of Kamdesh, walked on the Clemson Football team, wrote a book, and brought it full circle playing himself in the movie The Outpost. Seriously? Another over achiever? 

Round 6: It’s not just the Marines banning walking & talking on a cell phone now. Now a town in Japan is following suit for its civilians. Are umbrellas next?