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We Gotta Believe: The Subway Series, Positive Corona Tests, And A Dramatic Reading Of An Open Letter To Uncle Stevie Cohen

The Mets have their first winning streak of the year and are just 2 games away from .500 on the season, but, on the verge of a sweep and with the Yankees banging down our door for this weekend, Corona has reared its ugly head. Who's got the rona? Your guess is as good as ours, but this team was sick long before their trip to Miami and the only cure is Steve Cohen. 

Conforto, Dom and Guillorme have been revelations thus far, however the bullpen continues to look shaky and with Lugo being plucked from the pen and reinserted into the rotation, can the team really hold up down the stretch? Sven Matz ain't the guy whether he's starting or relieving and Diaz can try to fool us all he wants. There's no one that we truly feel comfortable with in a tight spot other than the Quarterican and now he's gone. 

The only thing that we can truly focus on at this moment is our savior, uncle Stevie. After news broke that Jeff Wilpon hates Cohen's guts and that the ARod group was the favorite to win the bid, KFC and Clem weren't in the highest of spirits. They felt robbed of true happiness and were looking down the barrel of decades more mediocrity, that is, until it was revealed that not even ARod's people think he has a shot if uncle Stevie really wants this thing and BOY DOES HE. As a lifelong suffering Mets fan himself, Stevie told the people loud and clear that he's focused on winning and putting everything he's got behind it. Music to our ears and (soon to be) money in our payroll! Can we make the playoffs? Maybe. Are we going on hiatus now that the team is as hot as ever? Possibly. Will Uncle Stevie save us all? WE GOTTA BELIEVE.