We Gotta Believe: Relapse (2020 Edition)

We are roughly a third of the way through this shortened coronaseason yet have somehow hit all the marks of a typical Mets season. Unbridled optimism, soul-crushing pessimism, players fake dying, a mass cuncel, and now a mass relapse as a good chunk of people attempt to uncuncel. However since we are the founders of Mets Fans Anonymous, we are here with a warning: You may be flying high now, but this is the Mets we're talking about here, so don't get it twisted. Fresh off TWO wins in a row (we win one more and that's called a winning streak) and fans are already in a back slide, thinking that this is the contender we were all hoping for. 

Pete is coming out of his polar bear hibernation, Gimme Gimmy is a stud, Conforto is a cornerstone and both Dom and JD are our guys, but this is the outlier. Edwin Diaz has 2.45 ERA and Tomas Nido just hit 2 HRs and drove in 6 for Christ's sake! This is not the standard, this is the anomaly. We're not trying to stifle your hopes, we're just setting expectations. When this team is clicking they are down right scary, but you know what else is scary? A middle-of-the-way team at the trade deadline with Brodie Van Wagenen as your GM. Do you really want that guy with his finger on the nuclear button come August 31st? No. We've lost far too many prospects already and with Uncle Stevie hiding in the shadows, dropping his bid for the team on the same day, this whole thing could easily mean annihilation. Our Disney movie ending could turn into 'Reservoir Dogs' real quick so keep your eyes on the prize and enjoy the wins when they come cause we gotta believe that this will be the last year we will ever have to deal with any of this nonsense every again. 

BONUS: Jared "Mad Dog" Hughes interview for anybody that missed it over the weekend.