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White Sox Starting Pitchers Had A "Staff Only" Meeting Prior To Yesterday's Game - RLR Featuring Carlos Rodon Is LIVE!!!

To put it bluntly, White Sox starting pitching stunk through its first 5 games. Gio, Lopez, Cease and Rodon, each and every one of these all stunk to high heavens in their inaugural 2020 start. I know it, you know it, and the they know it. They know it better than anybody. 

Outside of Keuchel who was fantastic in his first start against the Twins, the rest of the Sox starting rotation combined to put together the worst ERA in baseball. So what did they do?

They had a staff only meeting prior to yesterday's game. And how did the Sox starting pitching respond? Well Lucas Giolito threw 6 shut out innings where he surrendered a couple of dink hits and a few meaningless walks. BOOM. Accountability and a sense of urgency in this sprint of a season. 

And Carlos Rodon breaks it down for us on today's episode:


I wanted Carlos to come on today's show to sort of talk Sox fans off the ledge. Players expect playoffs this year. Fans expect playoffs this year. Now with the expanded format and the talent on the Sox roster all Hell would break loose if they aren't one of the 16 teams in the playoffs, and that's why it was a nuclear meltdown after the 1-4 start. But 95% of teams in the league will have a 1-4 stretch this year at one point or another, the Sox just happened to start the season with it. Not ideal at all, but they don't have room for a shit stretch like that again. 

Pat Boyle also came on the show to break down Hawks vs. Oilers and it's 20 mins or so of hockey porn. He's a pro's pro and listening to him and Chief ping pong their hockey brains back and forth was a great learning experience for a novice like myself.

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