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A VERY Important Rumor About The 2020 CFB Season + Brandon Reads DMs

It's 07.23 and we are still waiting on what's going to happen for the season, BUT we got a big time rumor coming out of the SEC that gives us a LOT of hope. 

We also used dive into one of the newest viral memes: CFB Player Edition 

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 1.42.53 PM.png

The answers were ALL over the place and there was a tad bit of debate, per usual. 

Also on today's episode:
-Brandon maniacally laughs about one certain football program
-Brandon reads Kayce's DMs
-Favoring teams in certain states based upon where your school ranks in your state
-Minnesota's embarrassing 2019 rings

See you next Thursday!

Also PS: We got this today... also great news. 


0:00: Intro, should Brandon Walker be a Michigan State fan? 

11:48: Kayce shares with us a serious rumor about the 2020 season 

15:51: News and notes from around the college football world. 

36:40: The roughnecks thoughts on the biggest bitch in college football. 

55:43: Brandon reads Kayce's DMs

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