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What Happens When A Navy Ship Catches On Fire?

The USS Bonhomme Richard, pronounced Re-Shard, caught on fire in San Diego. Actually bad. Its a big boat that costs many millions of dollars and it is pretty much gutted now, the fucking deck melted away. Speculation is swirling as to what caused it ranging from Iranian saboteurs (great word), to just welding goofin gone wrong. Irregardless, it sucks.

About 1,000 sailors were assigned to that ship, which is now a smoldering shell, so what the fuck do they do now? We asked and got lots of great answers. Some sailors will fight the fire, some will just be working party bitcces doing busy work for a few weeks. Some will be reassigned. Its a big ol shit sandwich.

Also, did you know every sailor is trained to fight fires? I knew that. It makes sense. If you're out there sailin the seven seas and your home catches on fire, its not like you can just walk out to the street and watch. You're stuck on that fireship, surrounded by bombs and fuel, so it would behoove you to learn to how to fight a fire.

ROUND 1: We’ve got the latest on the USS Bonhomme Richard and it’s, ah, not great! Also, we asked sailors what happens to sailors assigned to a ship that is lost & contrary to some of the answers they do not get to hang out in a pineapple under the sea. 

ROUND 2: As Kate’s peace offering to Captain Cons, she’s got a round of “Fun Army Facts” for everyone and she will also allow him to list two fun facts about the Army/Navy game. But no more than that. 

ROUND 3: We have updates on the Vanessa Guillen case along with news regarding PV2 Gregory Wedel Morales, whose remains were found during the search for Guillen. He had been listed as a deserter but new evidence shows otherwise. 

ROUND 4: Mess nights can certainly get messy but across the pond they sound like an absolute shit show. Especially the one where a Sergeant got drunk at a racecourse and headbutted a colleague in the face. 

ROUND 5: US Military recruiters are using online gaming to recruit teens but one journalist is pulling an echelon right & fighting back in the comments section & claiming it’s a predatory practice. Could someone in Fortnite-land convince you to sign up?