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Are These The Hottest Taliban Dudes You've Ever Seen?

Before we get started I just gotta say, fuck the Taliban. They tried to kill my friends, and keep trying to kill my friends, so I hate them.

With that being said, these might be the hottest Taliban dudes I've ever laid eyes on. No, my banana-induced pinkeye isn't acting up, I'm seeing 20/20 today friends. Take one look at this picture and tell me that the dude front and center isn't a Vogue model,,,

The camo pattern, the headband, the scarf, the hair,,,just a fierce ensemble. Now take a look at his crew. You ever seen combat capris? Guy with the flag is rocking the shit out of them. That camo hat to the left is covering some of the most majestic natural curls in existence. You'll never convince me this isn't some viral marketing campaign or Vogue photoshoot.

Round 1: With Call of Duty being the most popular game this year (just assuming… not facts based), what other jobs would you want to play a video game of? 

Round 2: In absolutely shocking news, Rosie the Riveter is still alive. Longtime stoolie Mae Krier is 94 and back in the news and calling on people once again to do the right thing. 

Round 3: A huge fire on a Naval ship in San Diego happened over the weekend which resulted in injuries for 57 people. Not waiting for the results of the investigation, a Forbes reporter decided to immediately take a dump in his pants. 

Round 4: A former guest and US Senator, honestly not sure which is more prestigious, made some news this week when an academic paper surfaced where she said that “women get pregnant to skirt responsibilities on deployment” 

Round 5: Did the Taliban do a Vogue photoshoot?