I Refuse To Believe That A&M ACTUALLY Has A Tradition Where Guys Grab Their Balls

So earlier this week, a photo surfaced of the A&M yell leaders - like 1000 years ago - where it appears that they are grabbing "their privates" (lol I hate that word so much). 

Let me get out in front of this: 

1. Yes, this is alarming. 

2. It's also news to me.... (see clip below)

A&M has some "strange" traditions. I get it. Self awareness is key. However, A&M also has a lot of really fucking cool traditions too. This alleged tradition (which I still do not think is real) happens to not be one of them.

Of all of the conversations I have had with Brandon and Jack over the last year, this was the weirdest. I even got up and demonstrated what "hump it" means. It's at the end of the episode and trust me, it's gold.

Also on today's episode:
-The situation at Oklahoma State and Mike Gundy wearing an OAN t-shirt
-Is Mississippi Brandon better or worse than New York Brandon??
-Potential disappointing teams in 2020
- Other weird college football traditions 

See you next Thursday!


0:00: Intro 

5:57: News from around the college football world 

21:15: Predicting the disappointing teams of 2020 

40:42: A&M yell leaders grabbing their balls? 

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