The Short Porch Episode 181: Tell Us When and Where, Let’s Play Ball + Interview With NASA ASTRONAUT Garrett Reisman

Baseball is gaining momentum on coming back....kinda. We break down today's up and down news and shit on the buffoon that is Rob Manfred. 60 games sounds good to us, just start fucking playing. Also, Astros and Red Sox fans prayed on their hands and knees that the Yankees cheated worse than anyone but were once again sorely disappointed. Damn! 

And to end the show we interviewed a real life astronaut to learn about space. From NASA, Space X, and aliens, to listening to the Yankees up in space. Garrett Reisman is one of the more fascinating fellas around and we picked his brain for 30 minutes. One of the crazier interviews we've had. One can only imagine the questions Marty had for him.