What Is The Worst Duo Of All Time?

It has to be toothpaste and orange juice, right?

Worse than the movie Jack & Jill, or the dopey characters in the 'Fifty Shades' movies, and maybe even worse than diarrhea on an airplane, toothpaste and orange juice are as gross as it gets in terms everyday products.

What would your pick be? Let us know below...

We ranked the worst duos of all-time in our newest podcast episode, as well as gave a throwback review of the amazing 1997 movie 'Starship Troopers'.

|| 0:00 – All of us watched Space Force
|| 7:07 – Network TV and the battle for ratings
|| 12:30 – Deep discussion on late-night TV hosts
|| 22:13 – Ad Read #1
|| 23:11 – TENET likely moving release date
|| 27:51 – The Croods and cruises
|| 32:37 – Ari Aster’s next movie
|| 35:14 – Making fake maps and clickbait sites
|| 1:18:24 – Box Office Game XLIII: Matthew McConaughey
|| 1:25:38 – Top 5 Worst Duos

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