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‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ LIVE Commentary w/ Alec Sulkin, David Goodman, & More!

Today on My Mom’s Basement, our LIVE ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ commentary from LCB Movie Night last week! People seemed to dig when I made the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ commentary available the same way, and this was my favorite Movie Night overall, so I knew as soon as we wrapped that this would be next. Hopefully you enjoy listening to it as much as I did recording it! 

Alec Sulkin you probably know by now, he’s been a friend of Barstool forever, but David Goodman is new to the program and he CRUSHES! He’s a producer/showrunner on Family Guy with Sulk and knows more about this movie than I know about anything. Jeff Lowe, KenJac, and Joey Mulinaro join as always.

It was really a blast, enjoy!