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Bad Education Is A New Movie, A Good Movie, And It's On HBO! (We Also Interviewed One Of The Actors, Alex Wolff)


Not only is it a new movie, but it's also a pretty good movie too!

Hugh Jackman, Allison Janney, Ray Romano (!!!), Geraldine Viswanathan, and Alex Wolff (who we interviewed) all pack together for this awesome somehow-true story.

In this podcast episode, Wolff discussed the movie with us and, as a star of 'Hereditary', took us into the mind of Ari Aster. It was a blast!


|| 0:00 – Breaking down the show FRIENDS
|| 8:05 – Thoughts on new The Last Dance episodes
|| 13:10 – LEGO company meetings were intense
|| 13:55 – Ad Read #1
|| 16:27 – AMC, Regal no longer showing Universal movies
|| 29:59 – Ad Read #2
|| 30:14 – Hellraiser (HBO) and Goosebumps series?
|| 32:34 – Sonic the Hedgehog sequel announced soon
|| 37:04 – ALEX WOLFF INTERVIEW (Hereditary, Jumanji, etc.)
|| 1:05:01 – BAD EDUCATION (HBO) REVIEW (Spoilers)
|| 1:25:22 – Top 10 Favorite HBO Shows
|| 2:05:52 – Box Office Game XXXVIII: Kirsten Dunst

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