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Check Out This LIVE 'Empire Strikes Back' Commentary Track Featuring Alec Sulkin, Lights Camera Barstool, Clem, & Joey Mulinaro!

Looking for a new way to watch a movie from 40 years ago?! Look no further than this LIVE commentary track!

We've been making our way through each and every one of the Star Wars movies in these 'Lights Camera Barstool Movie Nights', and they've all been a blast, but this one was my personal favorite - and not just because Empire is the best one, either! 

This podcast/commentary track just flew by while we were recording, and provided so many moments for us dopes to quote back our favorite Family Guy lines to a guy who may have written them himself - Alec Sulkin! Alec's been on the pod before and is just the friggin best. We're even going to have him join us for another classic next week! Can't wait for that either. Enjoy! 

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