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The Twisted History of Culture and Tradition

by Twisted History producer John Kelly. Research by Saint Anne

Twisted Customs, Cultures, and Traditions from around the globe:

- Saint Anne has been to a LIVE bull fight before, apparently is was HORRIBLE.

- 250,000 bulls die a year in Spain.  

- Some studies show that bulls don’t feel pain? That's some bullshit. 

- La Tomatina festival. You are NOT allowed to throw these without crushing them first:

- Cock fights, considered a gentlemen’s sport in Puerto Rico: 

- $8,000 per cock? That’s like the cost of a police dog.

- Vibbs is VERY Pro hunting.

- Cheese rolling competitions:

- Gurning:

- Bog snorkeling. Hey Brandon Walker, if you’ve done this, please send the video to us: 

- Caber toss: 

- Mark Henry (professional strong man, wrestler) was intimidated by Vince McMahon into winning the caber toss one year. 

- Vibbs thinks shin-kicking might have been invented by he and his friends, but it's probably an Indiana/England thing?

- Vibbs also tried to make it seem like it's a national tradition to throw clay bombs at each-other, but this is DEFINITELY a weird Indiana thing.  

- Vibbs also apparently mapped the entire world once from memory. Jesus christ, Vibbs.

- Large is going to try and attend an omelette festival in Louisiana this fall. Will Chef Donnie, 20-dollar chef, and others join?

- Krampus, the movie.

- Snorting ash, eating ash. - What the fuck Brazil. 

- Some serious camel wrestling talk.

- Finally, can Willie Colon wrestle a Dolphin? a Falcon? a Giant? We renew this debate from the breakfast show months ago.  

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