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Deadspin Writer Hangs Up on Kirk Minihane

Deadspin writer DeAbrea Walker hung up on Kirk Minihane today after heated debate over a piece she wrote suggesting that Florida Man David Kramer would have shot Tom Brady if the quarterback happened to be black. 

For those who missed the story, Brady was searching for the home of Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich when he accidentally entered Kramer's home without knocking. Kramer and Brady both played the incident off as a light-hearted affair. (“I’m like holy fucking shit! Tom Brady is in my fucking house!” Kramer told TMZ.)

But DeAbrea had a more provocative take.

Had Leftwich been looking for Brady’s house and made a similar mistake, he very well could have been shot and possibly killed. Why? Because Byron Leftwich is black... If Tom Brady had been a black NFL player or coach, it wouldn’t be all jokes and smiles.

Walker joined today's Kirk Minihane Show to talk about her column, but things quickly became acrimonious. The interview starts at 0:53:20. 

And yes, we were surprised to learn that Deadspin still has writers.