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Kristin Cavallari Drama, Love Island Season 6 + Jack McBrayer Interview

Quarantine update (2:39-15:54). Peter & Kelley break silence on relationship (17:16-32:48). Drake's mansion looks like a museum (35:12-43:27). Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler under fire after Bahamas quarantine (44:08-59:08). Our favorite feel good stories of the week (1:01:46-1:07:10). Full Love Island season 6 recap (1:07:33-1:52:41). Interview with Jack McBrayer – talking his new audible original series: Escape from Virtual Island, 30 Rock, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, his friendship with the Jonas Brothers, Nick & Priyanka's wedding + more! (Follow us on Instagram @chicksintheoffice and on Twitter @chicksintheoff + subscribe to our Snapchat show > & our YouTube >