British Sailors Got That Big Dinghy Energy

ROUND 1: China is back in the news but this time it isnt for Coronavirus. They are deploying more than 100k troops to Pakistan. Deployments arent always what they are quacked up to be. 

ROUND 2: A U.S. soldier in South Korea has tested positive for COVID-19 AKA Coronavirus. We hope they’re ok but also imagine they are getting absolutely roasted by their pals right now. 

ROUND 3: Women are in the news for both British & American military forces this week as they make great strides. As per usual the haters are out in full force. 

ROUND 4: We are pretty pro America on this podcast so when a national American media company shits down our throat, we take notice. NPR wrote a piece about America losing an important war. We dont take that lightly. 

ROUND 5: Two British sailors were awarded for bravery at Kensington Palace. An award ceremony just slaps different in a castle, folks. 

Round 6: Cons sits down with Army Football captain Cole Christensen to talk about the new policy allowing Academy graduates to go pro and how it came about because of a random comment in the Oval Office