Who Is The WORST KID Character In Any Movie?

Who is your pick for the WORST KID CHARACTER in a movie?

My pick? The Garbage Pail Kids. Fuck these things...

It's worth noting that Uncle Chaps is mad I put Charlie Bucket on this graphic.

I understand the anger, but I also don't have much of a reason to back it other than the fact I just dislike him. I recognize that Charlie was wronged for most of the movie… but I just can't call myself a fan!

Who is your pick? Let us know below…

Lights, Camera, Barstool (subscribe here) this week featured our Top 5 Worst Movie Kid Characters, reviews of 'Brahms: The Boy II' and 'Call of the Wild', as well. Big time anti-denim movement.

|| 0:00 – What happened to jeans!?
|| 5:19 – Generic soda brands
|| 9:04 – Beer vs. Hard Seltzer
|| 12:19 – Ad Read #1
|| 13:03 – New Batsuit images have folks mad
|| 19:00 – Run, follow up to the movie Searching
|| 24:29 – First look at Westworld Season 3 trailer
|| 28:26 – Simpsons Movie 2 will NOT be a sequel
|| 35:44 – Ad Read #2
|| 36:49 – Star Wars Disney+ movie, streaming discussion
|| 45:23 – Planet of Apes won’t be full reboot
|| 50:27 – FRIENDS reunion… sort of?
|| 1:20:28 – Box Office Game XX: Jason Bateman

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