Bless Deez Nukes

ROUND 1: Our friends the Russian Orthodox ministers are blessing babies, marriages, and now… NUCLEAR BOMBS. Good idea or bad idea? 

ROUND 2: We’ve all been in staring contests, but the one happening overseas right now is slightly more serious... Russian contractors in Syria are getting into standoffs with US troops and tensions are high after some potentially dangerous encounters 

ROUND 3: A spouse surprise at SOTU address had many in tears, but for a lot of veterans watching it was bittersweet after nearly 2 decades of war 

ROUND 4: One employee at the Little Rock VA improperly gave out $311,000 in disability payments to 11 vets after miscalculating claims, and those veterans affected get to keep the money. Is this employee the Robin Hood of the system? Or just really bad at their job? 

ROUND 5: Sources believe North Korea is close to completing a submarine with nuke capabilities, though sources also believe this sub would be ‘very noisy and easy to spot’.. So there’s that