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ZBT #219: ZBT Takes The Science ASVAB ft. Chris Strom

ROUND 1: In a very meta move, an Air Force leader, who once published an essay about the importance of respecting subordinates… was fired for disrespecting his subordinates

ROUND 2: A Coastguardsman in Alaska was charged in the murder of a fellow seaman, but he was just released from the brig thanks to a Snapchat video…

ROUND 3: POP QUIZ: Surprise! Kate is going to make us take the General Science portion of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery aka, the ASVAB, and you can play along. Are you smarter than a boot??

ROUND 4: Kate interviews Marine & NYPD intel veteran Chris Strom, author of the book ‘Brooklyn to Baghdad’. After retiring from the force, he & his family moved south for a slower pace of life… and then he found himself in one of the most dangerous areas of Iraq.

ROUND 5: The story of a troop who was wounded at war… er, right outside the PX at war… and they want to know if that’s enough to get themselves a purple heart for the perk of closer parking spaces. Boyyyy do we have some thoughts…