I've Got Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson In My Mom's Basement This Week + Clem Breaking Down The Mandalorian!

Former UFC Flyweight Champion and current ONE Championship/Esports superstar Demetrious “Mighty Mouse’ Johnson joins me in the Basement this week ahead of the PUBG Global Championships to break down his life as a gamer, talk about what makes him geek out, how the now infamous “trade” – Mighty Mouse for Ben Askren – came about, and why he’s happier now than ever in his career. Plus, Clem makes his triumphant return to the pod to discuss ‘The Mandalorian’ Chapters 1&2 right off the top, and MAAAAANY theories are discussed! Hope you enjoy!

Special thanks goes out to SimpliSafe/Tommy John for keeping the lights on!

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