Glenny Balls & I Sat Down With Lynyrd Skynyrd In My Mom's Basement This Week (Also, Natalya!)

Comin atcha with one of the craziest and most eclectic episodes of My Mom’s Basement yet!

First, Glenny Balls, myself, and rock n roll LEGENDS Johnny Van Zant and Rickey Medlocke of Lynyrd Skynyrd sat down for an awesome discussion about their farewell tour, when they knew it’d be time to hang it up, the legacy on the band, whether rock n roll can ever return to the mainstream, and more! Natalya joins the show directly afterwards and we mostly spoke about the history made by Lacey Evans and herself at Crown Jewel, but later moved onto her favorite opponents, matches, and even got into what her relationship with Vince McMahon is like! It’s a really fun time. I hope you enjoy it.

Coming this MONDAY…