KFC Radio: Jason Biggs, Tompa Bay, #FreeBritney, and Jose Canseco Takes a Dive

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-KFC and Feits talk about the absolute domination that Tom Brady has had in his career and what could possibly further his legacy 

-Was the Weeknd's halftime show good? 

-A New documentary about Britney Spears has released called Framing Britney Spears and it's fanned the flame of the #FreeBritney movement once again 

-KFC saw the most disturbing video of his life this past weekend 

-Jose Canseco took a dive at Rough n Rowdy -Top 5 Worst roommate situations 

-Voicemails Jason Biggs returns to the show! We talk about the Tom Brady winning his 7th ring, how he became part of the porn table read for 2 Bears Live, staying in touch with Eugene Levy, hosting a game show, and much more. 

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