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Should Betting On The Weather Become The Biggest Industry In The World?

So I tweeted out earlier that my parents are coming to visit this weekend and, obviously, the weather looks terrible. Looks like it’s going to rain the entire time. Then this guy responded with the smartest tweet maybe ever.

Holy shit what a no-brainer. Imagine how big the weather betting industry would be? The possibilities are endless. Great meteorologists would become the biggest, richest celebrities in the country. Imagine millions of people finding out the San Francisco Channel 4 News weather girl has nailed the temperature like 9 days in a row? Imagine taking the over on May 17th combined weather from Boston, Chicago, and LA? Imagine the futures — first snowfall in Wisconsin? Will it rain next Friday in Indy? Imagine taking +10,000 it snows May 25th in New York? It’d be incredible.

The best meteorologists in the world currently have no clue what the weather’s going to do tomorrow. For every one time they’re right, ten times they’re wrong. I used to hang out with this weather girl but I called her “The Weather Guesser.” Actually saved her in my phone under that name. Relationship didn’t last long.

The massive growth and popularity of this industry would demand precision and improve forecasts. It would refine the craft. Giant companies would pour massive resources into innovation in the weather-prediction game. The excitement level would be off the charts. Barstool Sports would have electric chairs of Dave and Tommy Smokes watching live web cams of west coast boardwalks. Was that a rain drop?? Does that thermometer say 72 or 73??

Weather betting, so hot in the future. Weather betting.

PS — This has to already be a thing right? I extensively researched for like 15 seconds and it doesn’t appear to be much of a thing. So I call dibs on all investments in the future of the weather betting game.