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UPDATE: Brady's 'Plead the 5th' Answer Was Completely Taken Out of Context

Well that didn’t take long. A heavily edited video of Tom Brady seeming to take a pass on answering a question about his relative happiness playing for Bill Belichick in 2018 makes it sound like he feels unappreciated and is totally disgruntled, and in less than an hour we get the full answer. That he has no interest in being gruntled.

As I said earlier, THIS is the TB12 I know and love. The disrespected, overlooked and marginalized everyman with something to prove. The man with a chip on his shoulder the side of a sheet of plywood who responds to harsh coaching. Who wants to be pushed, not have his ass kissed. The most accomplished team sport athlete of the 21st century who is utterly incapable of being satisfied. And who has zero desire to be coached by anyone but the best.

Some guys want praise. Some need to be validated. Others crave nothing but success. They want to be ridden hard, coached up, driven to improve and when it’s love they need they impregnate their supermodel wives or buy a dog. Those people are called “winners.” Now we have confirmation that Tom Brady is still that guy. I never doubted it for a nanosecond.

Nothing to see here folks. Nothing to see here.