Twerking While Giving CPR Is Destined To Be The Next Hot Dance Move

Well god damn. THAT’S how you give CPR folks. That’s how you bring someone back to life. I feel more alive and I was just watching the demonstration. I can feel the blooding flowing through my body. It takes a lot to revolutionize something like CPR. CPR has been around for hundreds of years. It hasb’t changed since it was first introduced. It’s the same shit every time. Yeah you gotta remember to do it to the rhythm of Stayin’ Alive and you gotta get air into their lungs. But what do you really gotta do? Pop that. Twerk it. Shake it.

What a showman she is. As if teaching people how to save lives wasn’t heroic enough, she had to go ahead and add a dance move to it. I’d bet my life that’s gonna be the next dance the move the kids are doing in their hip hop videos. Millenials are gonna be doing the CPR Twerk all over the damn place. Have you ever been to a CPR seminar? I sure haven’t but I imagine they’re boring as fuuuuuuuuuuuck. She was just trying to spice things up and spice things up she definitely did.