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College Student Brutally Stabbed Drags Herself 100 Yards And Uses Her Final Words To Identify Her Killers

METROA murdered teenager allegedly named the man and woman who stabbed her to death with her final breaths. Lizette Andrea Cuesta was found soaked with blood crawling along the side of a road in Livermore, California by a UPS worker driving to work early Monday morning.

When police arrived, Lizette managed to give them sufficiently ‘compelling information’ for them to arrest her friends Daniel Gross and Melissa Leonardo on suspicion of her murder. Sgt. Ray Kelly, from Alameda County Sheriff said: She was a very strong person, a beautiful girl. ‘She was fighting to survive and part of that fight was helping us find the people who did this.

Sgt. Kelly believes Lizette was tied up before she died, and added: ‘She was really suffering but she stayed with us and really fought to live. ‘She stayed present and gave us compelling information before she died.

Lizette, a student at San Jose City College, was called ‘a loveable person and very smart’ by her aunt Amparo Lopez.

Truly an awful and tragic story but the courage of Lizette Cuesta is something she deserves to be remembered for.  Tied up, viciously stabbed, left out in the cold to die, and found the strength to drag herself on hands and knees to a public road so that she could identify her killers.  Like a scene out of a movie that you think is unbelievable because no one could realistically have the will to do that.

Lizette did.

The good part?  It worked.  They immediately arrested the two pieces of human filth allegedly responsible. Her efforts weren’t in vain and she got the justice she deserved for her and her family.

FUCK you.  Enjoy hell.

RIP Liz Cuesta.