50 Cent Accidentally Made Millions Of Dollars Off Bitcoin

Everyone seems to be switching blogger roles today. Nate is the new Eagles blogger. Jordie is the new Caps blogger. Riggs is the new Alexis Ren blogger. I figured I’d try my hand at a new topic as well. I’m the new Bitcoin blogger. Sorta. Mostly just because the story involves one of my favorite people ever. 

Some people have all the damn luck! 50 Cent fell ass backwards into MILLIONS of dollars thanks to the rise of bitcoin. Well maybe not ass backwards. He had the foresight to let people buy his 2014 album with Bitcoin and now he’s reaping the rewards. He essentially made millions of dollars off an album that was widely subpar. Were sales good? Nope. Animal Ambition sold 124,000 units in the states. A far cry from the 8.4 million GRODT albums that were sold. But Curtis still comes out on top thanks to the Bitcoin element. Savvy stuff from the G-Unit General.

And this is why Ja Rule will never win in his war against Fiddy. Never ever. 50 Cent is far smarter than Jeffrey. Jeffrey doesn’t know what Bitcoin is. Jeffrey has never even heard of Bitcoin. Judging from Jeffrey’s tweets this past week, he’s still stuck in 2002. He thinks this is still a fight. He doesn’t seem to realize 50 Cent has hundreds of millions of dollars. Jeffrey is dumb as a box of rocks. Jeffrey still thinks an ass-eating rumor will bring down 50 Cent in 2018. What an idiot. What a fucking idiot.