Shout Out To Lou Williams For Jacking Threes in a Blowout Win To Get To 50 Points Against the Warriors

Lou Williams was cookin’ last night and I mean COOKIN’. My man took on the Warriors basically 1 on 5 and beat them in convincing fashion. Steve Kerr actually joked before the game that Lou was gonna drop 50, but he ended up telling the future. Williams had 27 alone in the third…

Yes, the Warriors were without Steph Curry and Klay who was nursing his injured ankle, but LA was without Blake Griffin too. The Clippers shockingly pulled away from Golden State in the 4th quarter rendering the game out of hand. Usually in these spots you’ll see starters get pulled to get the scrubs in, but when you get Golden State in that kind of situation you try to bury them, or at least you should. LA had lost 14 straight to Golden state dating back to 2014. Doc Rivers therefore let Lou Williams feast and ride his hot streak to a career high 50. After the 5 minute mark hit he was stuck at 47 points and literally just decided he was gonna keep chucking until he hit another 3 and get to the halfway century mark. I mean that three to get to 50 was from LA practically. All the praise to Doc for letting Lou chase 50 and not pulling him like every other team seems to do.

I hate when Curry has like 45 through barely three quarters but the Warriors are ahead by 30 and Kerr pulls the starters. Just one time I wanna see when Klay and Curry are in God mode and are allowed to stay out there and chase records. Yeah we all hate the Warriors, but I wanna see people go after Kobe’s 81 because these guys are capable of getting that any night they’re feeling it.