Steve Carell Finally Met Kelly Clarkson And Warmed All Of Our Hearts

This warmed my heart. The internet is a cynical place and we often don’t cover the brighter moments. Well this a brighter moment. Steve Carell finally meeting Kelly Clarkson after famously screaming her name in 40-Year-Old Virgin is a feel-good moment. Last night’s Golden Globes had a lot of important moments but, in my opinion, none more important than the meeting of Clarkson and Carell. Feels good that this finally happened.

I feel like there’s probably people out there now that might not even understand the significance of their meeting. I just looked it up and 40-Year-Old Virgin came out in 2005. 2005! That’s almost 13 years ago. I guess I watched that movie when I was 14? That seems a little soon for that but it has to be. If you had asked me this morning what year it came out I would’ve said something stupid like 2011. Way off. I could be wrong but I think 40-Year-Old Virgin was Judd Apatow’s directing debut. He had written on a million movies before that but never directed. 40-year-Old Virgin was really the start of the entire Aptowian dynasty. And now he’s directed a million movies so for me to think this movie came out in 2011 really puts my stupidity on display.