The Weekend Greenie Bag: News Years Day Edition


Hopefully by now you’re starting to feel a little better. Maybe you haven’t moved, but that’s OK. With this being the last day of the break, I couldn’t let the weekend go by without checking in with the stoolies and seeing what was on your mind. As a reminder you can be a part of this weekly mailbag by either tweeting me something with #GreenieBag or emailing As you can expect, things are mostly positive as the Celtics have seemed to right the ship, but let’s see what was on your minds.

On the surface, you may think this is a stupid question. But let me make things a little bit more interesting for you. This is Trae Young’s Dad


Motherfuckin Ainge! You could say the Celtics have had some interest in Trae Young for a while. I mean look at Ainges face. I don’t know how this photo happened, but I’m not the least bit shocked it exists. Now when it comes to Smart, I think it’s fair to assume that Danny won’t go crazy in terms of an overpayment to keep Smart in restricted free agency. For example if someone offers him a max deal or something, I can’t see Ainge matching that. The thing to remember with this though is the timing. Let’s say Ainge does have the option to draft Young, he’ll be doing so with Smart still on the roster. The draft is weeks before free agency officially starts, and what if Ainge gets to July and learns that he can keep Smart for like 10-15M. Wouldn’t you want him to do that for that price? Well now things are complicated because of their roster. Perhaps they let it play out and then don’t match on Rozier the next year, but who knows.

The one thing to consider is Ainge could use Smart in  a sign and trade or something while bringing in someone while also drafting Young. That’s certainly a possibility if we’ve learned anything from Ainge. Let me make myself clear though, if the Lakers pick hits and ANY of the main top 5 guys are available, you take them over Trae Young.

I think part of it is guys being out, but this has really been one of the biggest changes from the offense last year. Even if it seemed like the 2016 Celtics ran iso a lot, they actually ran it just 5.5% of the time, which was the 3rd lowest in the league. They were more revolved around the P&R two man game. This season, the isolation frequenxy is up to 8.1%, which is 9th in the league. Kyrie himself runs it 15% of time time, a bump from Isaiah’s 9.1% the year before. In terms of all NBA players, Kyrie doesn’t iso an insane amount. Guys like Harden, Lebron, CP3, Westbrook, Wall etc all iso WAY more, but it has been a style shift in how the Celtics play.

We’ve seen a few times so far this season where at the end of games Kyrie has held the ball and decided to go one on one. That hasn’t always worked out. Conversely, when the Celtics needed big threes at the end of games, they got them from Kyrie, just using him in a different way. Instead of isolation clog the toilet offense, they ran him off screens and allowed him to catch and shoot as opposed to dribbled 50 times and then shoot. As you can expect his FG% is better the fewer times he dribbles.

It’s fairly normal that at the end of games teams that have the sort of talent Kyrie has usually just give it to him at the end and let him figure it out. I still want the Celtics to do that, I just want them to change how they use him. Kyrie’s isolation numbers are down across the board compared to last year, while his P&R numbers are much improved. Seems simple to me.

Hey Greenie,

Ainge gets all kinds of credit for his free agent signings (Horford, Hayward), trades (Kyrie, the Big 3), and drafts (Tatum, Jaylen), but didn’t he try to trade six picks, including four first rounders, for Justice Winslow? As the saying goes, some of the best deals are the ones you don’t make. Can you rank the worst almost-trades Danny has offered? Great work on the Celtics blogs, I read them after every game. – Dave

How could anyone forget the kings ransom that Ainge offered trying to get Justice Winslow. Crazy how different things would be if CHA just said yes. Safe to say we as Celtics fans probably wouldn’t have been to thrilled given how things turned out. It’s hard to say how that compares to other failed trades, mostly because that’s really the only one I can think of that we heard about. I’m sure there are a million deals that have fallen through that if we heard about we’d be mad about, so instead it got me thinking to what was the worst trade of the Ainge era?

Immediately my mind went to the Perk trade in 2012, that clearly backfired. But the deeper I thought about it, there was also the time in 2005 Danny traded Walter McCarty for like a 2nd round pick which saddened me greatly. I’m sure I’m missing a couple, both those stand out.


I noticed Yabu is getting some more minutes. Do you think this is because of all the injuries or is He finally carving a small role for himself. He clearly needs to catch up to the speed of the nba but seems like he’s getting there. Are we looking at another James young or a contributing role player on a championship team? Thanks for the hustle go Celtics – Scott

My heart says we’re seeing a greatest to ever do it, my head says it looks more like a James Young situation. His playing time while electric, has been sporadic, and he’s the type of player that is too good for the G League, but is still learning how to be effective at the NBA level. Do I think he would save a lot of their problems on the second unit when it comes to defense and rebound and overall awesomeness? I do. I think he should be getting like 8-10 minutes a night, and should play every time the Celts have a considerable lead late. Why not see what you have? If there is one thing I wish for in 2018, it’s more Yabu


I’ve seen the theory prove itself true more times than I can count. I know you’re super busy and barstool doesn’t have you on full-time (Sad!) but id love to see an in depth analysis of why the theory occurs. It’s usually the celts shoot poorly/don’t rebound but for the life of my I cannot figure out WHY. I thought it might not happen with the completely new team we have this year, but I was sadly mistaken. Hope you can get to this. Keep up the good work. – Luke

For those of you who may not know, when I first started blogging the Celts for Barstool nearly 3 years ago, I noticed this annoying trend that every time they got off to a great start, an ensuing brutal third quarter was on the horizon. The same was true when they started like dogshit, and then came out blazing in the third. It got to the point where I couldn’t ignore it, and now it’s mostly fun to watch people on Twitter freak out when either extreme happens, knowing how it will most likely play out.

What I learned from this is to not question the Theory. Don’t try and understand it or try and provide logic to it. It doesn’t matter who the team is, or when the game is, it’s consistent and it’s just a way of life. Maybe it’s more Brad’s system than anything else, because I didn’t really notice this same trend during the Doc years. It’s because of it’s consistency that I do not even blink an eye when the Celtics score 12 points in the first quarter, and I can’t ever buy in when they drop 38. Water always finds it’s level.

What’s up greenie,

Just wondering why everyone is so hesitant/scared to call J Tatum a franchise caliber talent. This dude is just different, he’s gonna be/is a stud. Thanks keep up the good stuff – Chris

Well Chris, I’d say a lot to do with it is he’s played under 40 games in his NBA career. I think if you were to ask most people today, more and more would agree with you that he’s a franchise talent, but think about what you’re saying with that statement. How many franchise talents are there in the NBA right now? True, legit, franchise guys? 5? 10? Let’s say it’s 10, do we know if Tatum will ever be a top 10 player in the NBA? I think we all hope so, but I don’t think we know for sure with any of these young guys. He could turn into Kevin Durant, and he could turn into Otto Porter, but what we can say is what we’ve seen from him at 19 is exciting as hell. It certainly provides a basis to dream of what he could turn into, but I dunno I think it’s fair to wait and see how he does 3-4 years into his career.

There are few better basketball players on the planet than Summer League Terry, guy was an absolute monster. The more you watch how Rozier has played in December, he’s looking more and more like that player who won my Summer League Crush heart. His confidence offensively is what looks so familiar to me, and now all that he needs to bring is that same sort of consistency, and if he does, you have something there.

And that’s it! Thanks to everyone that wrote in this week, as always keep that shit coming day or night it doesn’t matter. You feel something, you tell me about it. Hope everyone has a great rest of the last day of freedom, see you all next weekend.