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Antonio Cromartie Calls His Failed Vasectomy "a Blessing from God"

Antonio Cromartie

USA TodayFormer NFL cornerback Antonio Cromartie and his wife Terricka are ready to make it official.

After the pair had six children — daughter Jhett Paxton was born on August 30 — they’re going to concentrate on parenting only.

“This is it,” Cromartie told For The Win on Tuesday. “We’re done.”

“We’re blessed and thankful for our kids,” his wife, Terricka, added. “I don’t want to be pregnant anymore. I enjoy being a mother to my kids that are here.”

The couple also prepared for their next delivery: The Cromarties, a new reality series premiering Thursday on USA Network. …

But how did the Cromarties get to this point when the NFL vet underwent a vasectomy years ago…?

“It’s a blessing from God,” Cromartie said. “I’m part of that 1 percent that it happens to. That’s just the story of it. We figured everything was a gift from God and we’re rolling with it.”

First things first. I respect what Terricka is saying here about just wanting to be a good mom to the kids she has. But she can can cut the crap about being done having more. There are only two people making that call, and they are Antonio Cromartie’s mighty testicles. They’ll tell Terricka when they’re done spreading his seed upon the land, just as they have to the women who birthed the 14 kids they have already produced. A vasectomy didn’t stop them from their mission, nothing she can say or do will. In fact, his awesome testes probably impregnated her with quadruplets while she was speaking the words “We’re done.”

Second, I respect Cro’s game here. He’s right. Children are a blessing from God. Blessings he tried to prevent surgically. But blessings nevertheless. That is a great philosophy to have. And I say that as someone who is the youngest of five. With a huge age gap in between. And my parents stopped taking baby pictures after the first three were born in a span of three years. So yeah, I’m all about calling kids you didn’t intend to have “blessings.”

Plus, I admire anyone who can look on the bright side of botched surgery. That’s a rare kind of person. You don’t hear a lot of guys saying “They removed my wrong kidney, but it’s a blessing from God.” Or “I wanted some wrinkles removed and now I have a lion face. Praise be to Allah!” Or “We’re so lucky they messed up the abortion. Want to hold the baby?”

But there aren’t many people like Antonio “The Father of Our Country” Cromartie. Well there are, actually. But they’re all still kids. I’m so watching The Cromarties. And I look forward to the Very Special Episode at the end of the season when Terricka takes a home pregnancy test. Because you know and I know, it’s coming.