Is Rizz Reed The Greatest Music Mogul You've Never Heard Of? Probably Not

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Back when I only had around 2K twitter followers (built up over the course of like 3-4 years) I’d actually end up seeing who my new followers were. About a year ago I remember getting a notification that @RizzReed, a music mogul with 400K+ followers had just followed me. I found it a little strange that I had never heard of this guy, especially seeing he was nominated by World Finance as the 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year

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But this is the internet, weird shit happens. I figured there was a slight possibility it was someone in the music industry who wasn’t on my radar or more likely, just a fake account. Regardless, I carried on with my life and more or less forgot he existed until this past week when he’s been popping up all over my timeline bragging about how he has more than half a millie followers.

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I decided to hit him with a twitter audit. I should have resisted as him buying followers and living in his own fantasy world causes absolutely no one harm, but it can get brutally boring when you live in China and all of your twitter friends are fast asleep during the day.

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A couple moments after I sent that tweet he tweeted this, and I got to say, I’m absolutely flattered.

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Now the point of this blog is not to poke fun at some harmless guy just trying to fake it till he makes it. Those people are a dime a dozen on the internet and that approach actually ends up working for a few of them. I guess it’s even kinda working for him as he’s got Young Buck chomping at the bit for a collab! (Although I just realized this is a retweeted tweet from 2015 and I still haven’t heard the collab so that may have fallen through.)

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That’s neither here nor there though. The point of this blog is so you guys can watch this incredible interview Rizz Reed did with Josh Felber. Josh. Fucking. Felber.

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Please note, I have no idea who the fuck Josh Felber is. He could be just as big of a fraud as Rizz Reed as he has 193K followers and averages 0-2 likes per post. All I know is that he is a “success coach” and does a podcast called “Making Bank” where he had Rizz Reed on as a guest.

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Listen, if you get tricked into having a fake music mogul on your podcast due to the fact he has hundreds of thousands of fake followers, you’ve officially lost all right to coach people about success. As the saying goes “Do the Due…Diligence.” Anyways, they made a video of the interview and it’s AN ABSOLUTE GEM. Just two people who are polar opposites of each other in every way except for the fact that they are both trying to sound intelligent while simultaneously talking out of their asses. Rizz doesn’t come on until the 6:50 mark because Felber spends the first 6 minutes reciting every cliche you’ve ever heard about entrepreneurship in your life…

Wow Felber, what an interview! Your iTunes podcast reviews speak for themselves. How could you NOT appreciate the level of guests Josh has on Making Bank?

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