Kevin Owens Headbutted The Fuck Out Of 70 Year Old Vince McMahon Last Night

Fuck. Yes.

Kevin Owens has been the best all-around full time worker in the WWE for a few years now. On the stick, in the ring, on commentary, in outside interviews, in documentaries, in fucking everything. Despite this, he’s never been “the” guy. Sure he had a Universal Championship reign, but that was a title literally handed to him (on screen) by Triple H, and he wasn’t as dominant a champion as I felt he should have been. SummerSlams and WrestleManias pass by and with every one, he’s in the midcard feuding for the United States or Intercontinental Championship, which is good…but not good enough. THIS, my friends, was good enough.

The whole feud with Shane has been fantastically built so far. They’re taking their time with it, and dare I say, doing some long-term storytelling. Bringing Vince in and having Kev assault the living fuck out of him took this to the next level though.

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon will now battle in the Hell in a Cell match next month, and somebody’s going off (or through) the cell. No doubt about it, mortal lock of the century. My gut says Shane, because duh, but I think Kevin Owens is crazy enough to take a bump of that calibur. Dude’s a lunatic. We’ll see. Regardless, I’d put this alongside Braun Strowman murdering Roman Reigns over and over and over again as Segment 1A and 1B of the year. Special shoutout to Vince McMahon for taking bumps and headbutts at 70.