Hank and Milmore Named On The Big Lead's "40 Under 40: Behind The Scenes" List

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40 Under 40: Behind The Scenes In Sports Media

Henry Lockwood (24) & Matt Milmore (30); Barstool Sports

Hank produces the Pardon My Take podcast, and also runs the show’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. He is constantly on the road with the program’s hosts, Big Cat and PFT Commenter, and plays a key role in the audio and video presentations. Milmore creates graphics, GIF’s, videos, and Photoshops across all Barstool social media accounts. He also makes the weekly Barstool Shorts cartoon series, which satirizes the inner workings of Barstool.


On the heels of The Big Lead’s “40 Under 40″ that had our boys Big Cat and PFT Commenter listed as the number 1 (is that good?) Sports Media Talents in the business, they’ve released another list for the people who are arguably just as deserving: the behind the scenes guys.  And wouldn’t you know it, two more Barstool superstars popped up on this one: Handsome Hank, the wunderkind producer of Pardon My Take, and Milmore the Cartoon God slash Photoshop genius.

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Still can’t believe the Henry I met 5 years ago who told me about how he snuck into Celtics games by picking a lock with a butter knife is now Hank the producer of the best podcast on the planet.   But that’s where grinding and working your ass off combined with unreal talent with a camera/editing/producing gets you.    If you want to know how valuable Hank is to Pardon My Take, just ask the two stars of it – they won’t even talk about themselves before giving credit to Hank for making it all possible behind the scenes.

I will say that Hank is lucky they built this list by using real human years and not Barstool Years.  In the Stool world my dude is like 48 with two kids and a couple good years away from retirement.  Grizzled veteran doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

Meanwhile everybody knows what Milmore does with the cartoons.  They’re incredible.  They’ve been our biggest fan favorite for years and they’re the hardest I laugh out loud on a weekly basis.  Guy is an absolute enigma – I don’t see him come in, I don’t see him leave, I don’t see him speak unless spoken to –  he has never once been a part of any office drama or bullshit, he’s never said a mean word about anyone –  then on Friday, seemingly out of nowhere, he drops the most accurate, hilarious portrayal of every single storyline in the company.  Unreal.

And that doesn’t even take into account all the countless GIFs, videos, Photoshops and graphics he makes for people and their various franchises (the New York Times basically called him a genius for one of his GIFs, saying it was “the most technically proficient” one they had ever seen).  I’m pretty sure he got yelled at for doing TOO many things for other people because he’s too nice to say he’s busy.

Barstool wouldn’t be Barstool without these two.



Big time snub to Brendan Clancy who has basically been the driving force behind KFC’s entire Barstool life.  They don’t call him Super Producer BC for nothing.  Producing all the shows on the KFC Radio network while also helping out with shit for everybody while getting – (and asking for) – zero shine.  Probably TOO behind the scenes, that must have been the problem here.