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Barstool Nate’s Second Annual Documentary Of The Year Award Goes To: Valley Uprising

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Wow, I can’t believe it’s really that time again. Every year since last year we have gathered here to announce the winner of my annual Documentary of the Year Award, given to the documentary that I watched this year. So without further ado, and ignoring that I just plastered the poster and trailer directly above this paragraph, this year’s grand winner is…..drumroll please…..”Valley Uprising”!

Valley Uprising is an incredible documentary that takes you through the history of rock climbing at Yosemite National Park. It fantastically details how the world of big wall climbing at Yosemite evolved, from bitter rivals Royal Robbins and Warren Harding in the 1950’s, up to today’s best climber in the world, Alex Honnold.

It’s incredible to see how advanced climbing in Yosemite has gotten, from Harding taking 18 months to climb El Capitan, to present day when Alex Honnold has free-soloed it in under 4 hours. The documentary isn’t just about climbing though- it lets you into these climbers lives and makes you really understand their passion for climbing, and how hard they work to achieve these incredible climbing achievements.

Valley Uprising wins the Barstool Nate Documentary of the Year Award because it tells an incredible story of men and women who transport you into a different world where there are no limits as long as you push yourself towards your goals.

This is the 2nd climbing documentary to win this prestigious award, coming on the heals of Meru winning last year’s. Valley Uprising is available on Netflix, and I give you the 100% Barstool Nate Guarantee that you’ll love it