Will Ferrell Kinda-Sorta-Not-Really Teases A Step Brothers Sequel

Alright so it doesn’t really sound like there’s gonna be a sequel to Step Brothers. But maybe because Will Ferrell instantly dismissed the idea of a sequels to Elf and A Night at the Roxbury. He shot those down within two seconds. But a Step Brothers sequel? He said they’ve at least talked about it and “you never know” Well I’d like to go on record and say I don’t want a Step Brothers sequel ever ever ever. Sequels are generally a very bad idea. Look at how Anchorman 2 worked out (or any of the 55 Hangover movies). You wait so long, you try to re-capture that lightning in a bottle and it just falls flat. I understand the appeal of making a sequel. The audience is already there so the people know they’ll make money off it but that’s usually a shitty way of going about creating things. Luckily it sounds like Ferrell isn’t totally into making a Step Brothers 2. The original Step Brothers movie is one of the best comedy movies of this generation. It might even be fighting for the #1 spot with Anchorman. So let’s not go down the same road Anchorman did. Step Brothers 2 would probably STINK.

PS- Will Ferrell did lie during that interview though. There already was a sequel to Elf and it was Step Brothers as some very astute internet blogger once pointed out