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Draymond Green Says What We All Already Know: Kelly Olynyk Is A Dirty Player

When an upstanding, well respected player like Draymond Green calls you out for being dirty, that’s when you know you’re dirty. It appears that across the league Kelly Olynyk is known for being a dirty player, which we saw first hand when he started a fight with Kelly Oubre during game 3 of the Celtics-Wizards series. And now players are speaking out on it, most notably Draymond.

Now, many people are asking, “how is a guy who regularly kicks people in the dick going to start calling other people dirty?” Well it’s quite easy- real recognize real. Game recognize game. Draymond isn’t throwing stones at a glass house, he is inviting Olynyk inside for lunch. Draymond Green is quite possible the MOST qualified person to call other people dirty. It’s like using Frank Abagnale to spot fraudulent checks, the NBA should rely on Draymond to spot dirty players, and Olynyk is first on his list.