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Steven Adams Is All Of Us, Yells At The Rim After A Missed Free Throw

Fox Sports - Steven Adams has been really bad from the free-throw line recently, so he understandably has some pent-up anger brewing. He took it out on the rim, naturally. 

The New Zealander is shooting just 48% from the line in his last five games, and he headed to the stripe on Sunday with 1:41 remaining and the Thunder up 112-108 on the Pelicans. After clanking the first free throw off the back rim, Adams said something very mean.  

For the non lip-reading experts among us, what he said was: “I f—ing hate you so much.” 


The legend of Steven Adams is growing before our eyes. It’s even better because he’s not all in your face about it, but little by little he is solidifying himself as the funniest player in the league. When he’s not getting kicked in the nuts by Draymond Green, he’s hilarious, and doesn’t hurt that the New Zealand accent makes everything that much better.

He’s always having fun in interviews, just a laid back dude who plays basketball how you would want a teammate to be. The best is the time he told KG he doesn’t speak English because he didn’t want Garnett trash talking him on the court.

And now Adams is cursing at the rim, just like any of do when we fuck something up. Who doesn’t yell at their stick when you miss a wide open net in hockey, or look at your glove like it did something wrong when you fuck up a ground ball? Steven Adams might be a millionaire, but he still knows you gotta yell at the rim and teach it a lesson to help your free throws go in.

PS: Is it possible he used Stick-em on his hands?