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Photos From Yoenis Cespedes' Ranch Are SPECTACULAR

Full Slideshow on – The pic of him in the sleeveless blue flannel is TENS

A couple weeks back the Post did an expose on La Potencia Ranch – Yo’s sprawling farm. We can’t use the photos anymore without getting sued so I was waiting and waiting for the pictures to become available, but I cant wait any longer. The world needs to see Cowboy Yo. They need to see the majestic beauty of Yoenis wrangling a wild horse. They need to see him in cut off flannels with 10 gallon hats on. They need to see the plethora of animals that he is inevitably going to slaughter and eat.

The man was put on this earth to slaughter animals, drive cars, smoke cigs, and blast balls to the moon. Whether its a baseball or a golf ball. Thats just what he does. Hes all that is man. Yo Knows Farms.