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Bleacher Report Deletes A Tweet Making Fun Of Dirk Nowitzki's Airball And Publicly Apologizes After Mark Cuban Emails Them To Complain

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Oh my god. In all my years working on the internet I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get cucked harder than Bleacher Report just got cucked by Mark Cuban. I mean I am a HUGE Cuban fan and even I know he was wayyyyy out of line with this. Emailing and complaining that a sports media company poked fun at an AIRBALL?! From an NBA legend with a championship ring on his finger, trillions of dollars and a spot in the Hall of Fame coming up? Think he can handle getting some shit for a freaking airball on one shot. But that is nothing compared to Bleacher Report deleting the tweet…and not only deleting it…apologizing for it! Unreal. Have some fucking pride man. Stand for something.

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