Connecticut's Governor "Inviting" The Islanders To Play In Hartford Is Borderline Fake News

[WFSB] – Connecticut’s governor said he made a pitch to bring NHL hockey back to the state.

Gov. Dannel Malloy and Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin sent a letter inviting the New York Islanders to make their home in the capitol city.

The Barclays Center in Brooklyn recently ended its relationship with the NHL franchise. 

The Islanders need a home before the beginning of the fall season. They are currently sixth in the Eastern Conference with a record of 22 – 17.

Malloy said he’s hoping the Islanders accept the offer and play in downtown Hartford at the XL Center, which was in the “process of installing a new ice floor and dasher boards.” 


The saga that is the Islanders’ search for a permanent home has taken so many twists and turns over the years you almost have to respect the story for what it is. The never ending list of characters who come in and out of play and the locations that are continuously evolving is something out of an episode of Thrones.

I do feel like we’re using the word “pitched” a little too loosely here. So, the man sent a letter? Big deal. He didn’t sit down with anyone and thoroughly discuss anything. He threw out some numbers in hopes and catching someones attention and that’s pretty much it. Minor league shit from a minor league town like Hartford. Yes, it puts Connecticut vaguely in play to land the NHL’s best worst team[at the moment] but when dealing with a league that is unwilling to put a franchise in Quebec of all places, I can’t see Hartford holding too strong of an argument as to why they’re an even better suitor.

Both Ledecky and Bettman have stated that their #1 priority is keeping the team in the Metro New York area and though both aren’t people whom I trust entirely, I just can’t see Hartford of all places as the Islanders next landing spot.

Hey Hartford, why don’t you schedule a little backroom sit down to discuss your business like a real sports town. None of this cold calling via letter, little boy stuff. At least in Bridgeport they’d put a gun in your face before telling you to make a decision.