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Jon Hamm Called Ovi "Sergei Ovechkin", Is Not On The #CapsYear Bandwagon

This motherfucker Jon Hamm. Just because he’s tall, good looking, a great actor, and has a huge cock, he thinks he can go around calling Ovi “Sergei”? Not on my watch. Hey Jon…


You can’t go around calling the best pure goal scorer of the generation by the wrong name. At an awards ceremony honoring the 100 greatest players in NHL history, no less!

He did later make up for it, in an attempt to get off The List

I’ll think about it, Jon. I’ll think about it. But you WON’T be invited to the Stanley Cup parade, that’s for sure.

PS: Holtby had an outrageous All Star Game. Stopped 17/20 shots in a 3 on 3 format. Doesn’t even make sense.