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New Research Has Named...You Won't Believe It...Comcast! As America's Most Hated Company

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Wall Street - 24/7 Wall St. reviewed a range of information, including customer survey results from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, employee reviews on Glassdoor, as well as our own annual customer satisfaction survey. We identified 12 companies hated by customers, employees, and the general public.

In 24/7 Wall St.’s annual customer satisfaction survey, the majority of these companies had among the highest share of respondents reporting generally negative customer experiences. In the case of Comcast and Sprint, more than half of respondents had a negative customer experience, the only two existing brands out of the more than 100 we surveyed for which this was the case.

These are America’s most hated companies.

1. Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA)

The internet service provider and subscription television service industries are not known for superior customer service. In fact, the two industries have the worst average scores in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Still, Comcast has a significantly worse customer satisfaction score than either industry average.

Wow! Can you believe it!? Comcast topped yet another list as worst/most hated/most despised company in America. It doesn’t matter what blog/company/consumer group makes the list, how much research they put into it, or when it comes out- if there is a list of terrible companies, you can bet your bottom dollar Comcast is on top. In a way, it’s sort of impressive. It’s hard to be that bad for that long. Year after year, they never cease to find new ways to be the absolute worst. Some companies strive to get better. Some companies hate the negativity that surrounds their name. Not Comcast. No siree. Being hated is what wakes them up in the morning. Having the lowest customer satisfaction is what they dream about at night. While everyone else is concerned about image, Comcast is concerned about charging 95 year old ladies for cable they don’t even want. They are nothing but consistent, that’s for sure.

Can’t remember why Comcast is so bad? Well, buckle up, buckaroo:

Comcast Guys Park On The Road On a Snowy Day And Cause 100 Accidents

Leave It To Comcast To Charge a Company $60,000 For Internet They Never Even Set Up

Let’s Check In On Comcast Real Quick

CEO says they won’t raise prices, then raises the prices

Comcast won’t cancel service of guy whose house burned down

Woman talked to 39 technicians about fixing her service, they send her a letter addressed to “Super Bitch”

Woman tried to cancel her service, they sent her a bill to “Asshole Brown”

Comcast told a guy they wouldn’t charge him for their fuck up and then did anyway

Woman pulled a gun on Comcast after they said fixing it would be free and then charged her

Absolute PSYCHO at Comcast who flat out won’t let a person cancel their service (actually forgot about this one, I hope this guy is in the looney bin somewhere)


The time Comcast literally won the “worst company in America award”

My Comcast horror story- how they had faulty wiring, wouldn’t fix it, purposely sold slower internet than advertised, and how their technicians legitimately laughed about how bad their service is